Let It Come

Photo by Frank Cone

Much credence is given to the phrase and concept of “letting go.” We hear it all the time in popular psychology, and I’m personally fond of the phrase. However, it’s opposite rings true, too: “Let it come.”

Let it come. Open yourself up to receive. Feel the expansion of your heart chakra. A momentary flush of vulnerability may accompany this opening — an impulse to coil back inward. Sit with the feeling of that response; acknowledge it as a defense mechanism, and then recognize your ability to dispel unnecessary defenses. Allow the fright to pass. Know that you are safe. It’s OK to open up; it’s OK to receive your deepest wishes. Let your wishes come back to you as if they were boomerangs that sprouted wings along their journey and returned to you even brighter, even lighter, and even more refined than when you sent them out as wishes.

It’s all coming to you.
You need not meet it halfway.
Your search is over.
Let it come.


One response to “Let It Come”

  1. springinjeans Avatar

    This is beautiful!


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