See ya, Summer

Half-hour interval before the wash is done. Write for 30 minutes — go!

For the past two weeks, I have been listening to Third Eye Blind’s eponymous album from 1997. I have no idea why, other than that the album rocks. I first purchased the CD, used, off Amazon at age 12 or something because I loved the song “How’s It Gonna Be.” These days, pretty much the whole album speaks directly to my soul. I envision myself painting madly, with full-bent feminine rage, to this album. The last four songs, especially the last three… wow.

So, 1997… the year that I was seven years old. Stephan Jenkins had graduated with a degree in English Literature from Berkeley, and he was kicking around San Francisco, riding his motorcycle, writing these songs. How fucking rad. I was seven, chillin’ out in Green Bay, Wisconsin, probably missing several teeth.

I wonder if someday I’ll meet Stephan Jenkins and he’ll give me a ride on his motorcycle…

21 minutes! Hurry up, Delaney!

This summer has been beautiful. In the personal-life department, I was productive as hell. Burned a bunch of old journals — i.e., practiced witchcraft to purify the past —, learned that it’s cicadas, not tree frogs, that make those loud moaning buzzing noises all summer long. And, according to my friend Peter’s mom, they only mate every several years, and this year was a mating year, so they sang like crazy.

What else happened this summer? A trip to Marquette, Michigan, and, consequently, a visit with Lake Superior. I did not spend enough time there. That city, late July, is my spirit city. The majesty of that lake is unforgettable. It waters the soul.

Got promoted at work. Moved into an office that has a WINDOW, a big WINDOW. Realized how truly prime my life is right now. Independent, free as can be (minus the nuisance of student loan debt), working alongside several people I really like in a field I really like, getting more and more familiar with this flyover Midwestern city. It grows on me, as things do.

Just mentally preparing for winter again. Remember, folks, it snowed until April last year. In fact, there was a blizzard in mid April. I had to climb over three-foot snowbanks just to cross the freaking street.

I turned 28 this year. Continued to feel like an outsider, like I have my whole life. But being on the outside gets easier, you know? You become better at – what did Bowie say? – seeing what you can get away with. I’ve been getting away with not wearing a bra in public. In fact, those tend to be my most attractive days. People like me when I don’t wear a bra.

Two minutes left… And thus multi-tasking is the way of my life these days. If you ain’t gonna wash your own laundry, who will?


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