How To Feel Better #1: Drink Water

  1. Drink water.

I’m not telling you to drink water instead of something else. Nah, it’s not my place to judge; I went straight to the fridge for a beer after getting home from work this evening. To my dismay, the only beer found there was a half-drunk bottle of boochcraft of my boyfriend’s from, oh, a month ago. (Who saves their unfinished boochcraft?!)

A beer would’ve served me well tonight. I was wound up and edgy after an intense day at work. But the fact that I didn’t have beer and wasn’t about to get back in the car, drive to the liquor store, etc… meant that I had to chill out in some other way.

Decided to take a bath. A hot bath… And, thankfully, I remembered to pour myself a 20-ounce cup of water and place it tubside prior to making the splash.

Once in the tub, my mind raced for a while. Not only was I thinking a lot about work, but I was aware of how much I was thinking about work. Instead of trying to push thoughts of work out of my mind, I just gave myself space to think my thoughts.

Eventually, dehydrated from the heat of the bath, I reached for my cup of water and took a great long swig… and it arrested me.

What I mean is, the cool flow of water into my restless body felt so good.

I was suddenly fully present, mouth gulping from the wide rim.

Photo by Ivan Samkov

And so I suggest it. I suggest — the next time you are tied up in knots mentally, emotionally, or physically — pouring yourself a cool glass of water in your largest cup, and taking sips, or gulps, and just feeling the water enter your body.

The more the better. Fill up. Water moves energy around in your body; it revives your cells; it soothes your adrenals and other organs. It heals things unseen. Taking in water sends positive signals to the brain.

All this and it asks nothing of you. It is unassuming and pure. Water, like air, is one of the simplest things we know, and yet one of the most vital.

Go pour yourself a glass.

One response to “How To Feel Better #1: Drink Water”

  1. Sujantra McKeever Avatar

    70% of me is water! Thanks for the reminder to replenish!


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