Sujantra’s Matcha

This is a guest post by Sujantra.

I needed a fresh way to start my day. The coffee infusion was wearing on my nerves. I’d heard about the gentle, uplifting experience of matcha and decided to give it a try.

The matcha drink is originally from Japan, the land of the Haiku poem. Both matcha and Haiku have the sensual feeling of perfection. Haiku poems are composed of three lines; the first and third lines are five syllables, and the middle line is seven. I wrote a Haiku in honor of matcha, posted below the recipe.

There are four basic ingredients in a matcha beverage with lots of interchangeability. They are water, milk, matcha and a sweetener. The basic combination is:

  • 1-2 tsp matcha powder, either ceremonial grade (my favorite) or culinary grade
  • 8 oz of boiled water… I use San Diego tap!
  • 2 oz of half & half; or soy, flax, almond etc.
  • 2 tsp of honey; or sugar, agave, pure maple syrup etc.

You’ll need to blend the matcha powder which is made of green tea leaves and for that I first combine ½ the water and all the matcha and blend it with an electric frother. Sometimes I’ll use the traditional bamboo whisk my niece gave me. Once the matcha and water are well blended, stir in the other ingredients and you are ready for your matcha ceremony.

This is where things get very personal. The matcha drink will fire up your nervous system, mind and body. I like to do it in the morning and enjoy a haiku with my matcha.

I’ll leave you with my haiku and I hope you enjoy your matcha journey!

My day is starting.
I’m not sure where I’m going.
Neither does the sun.

– Sujantra

4 thoughts on “Sujantra’s Matcha”

  1. The anonymous poet is clearly adding espresso to the macha recipe thereby creating the classic beatnik haiku with an out of control syllabic structure.

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  2. Very nice! I have been meaning to try this myself. But, after reading a dozen reviews on matcha powder, I gave up. I want to find a good one, and I agree that ceremonial would/will be the way to go. I’ll give ‘er another shot. I hope you’re both well. Love,Mom


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