Nina Simone, Harlem, 1969

For Sale: Nina at Harlem

Nina Simone, Harlem, 1969
Nina Simone at Harlem, 1969

I couldn’t get her off my mind after seeing Questlove’s documentary, Summer of Soul. Here’s the soul who, at age 12, wouldn’t continue her piano recital until her parents were offered seats in the front row. I cannot imagine exercising such courage of conviction in front of a crowd of expectant people at age 12. I admire how she continued to transform the raw materials of her often painful life into profound, expressive beauty.

Finishing touches happened today, 1/1/2022! One does not simply finish a painting of the legendary Nina Simone; one just finally decides to leave good enough alone.

This is my first time offering up a painting of mine for sale. If there is anyone out there who would like to adopt it, I will take best offer plus the cost of shipping. It is acrylic on canvas, 16″ tall, 20″ wide, and .5″ deep. If and until then, it will hang above my own keyboard as inspiration to keep singing no matter what. đź–¤

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