One of Many Objects in Space

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 3.33.44 PM.png
One of Many Objects in Space, acrylic on canvas, July 2014

Still one of my favorite pieces I’ve done. As I painted it that summer in Amsterdam, I was feverish and warm as the woman appears here, but I felt hemmed in by a cold and indifferent universe.

It was a pretty tortured time of my life, decompressing mentally after my university days, living in a foreign country for uncertain reasons, wanting badly to be an artist.

When I moved out of Erik’s place the following winter, he placed this painting on the curb for the trash (cold move, but alas, we were breaking up). I couldn’t take it with me, had to travel light. He also put out some books and DVDs, other junk from the apartment.

I found out from him later that the painting was picked up by someone within minutes, the rest of the trash left behind until waste management collected it.

I never signed the painting, but I hope it found a funky home in Amsterdam.

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