Watercolor Rains

Watercolor + lipstick on watercolor paper, May 2018

Knew there was something bubbling up from within,
so I got out my art supplies, did a quick setup.
Did a few quick sketches of a woman’s face.
I liked the sketches, but they weren’t ready
at that time
to turn into a painting.
So, I reached for yellow, did a little mixing, and began the sky.
Added some blood red to create the water.
Lastly added some blue to the upper sky…

and an accident happened.
While reaching for paint, I knocked over my painting,
and it sent the blue paint skidding across the page.

I looked at it and thought — rain!!!

The ceiling fan in my apartment was blowing, and I was also listening to music. Only in between songs did I realize, thanks to open windows, that it had begun to rain outside, as well.

A heavy, evening rain. One of the first real rains of spring.


Oh! The lipstick came as a random idea at the very end.
Just smudged a little near the center, against the red water.

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