12 Soul-Bomb Reminders for Your New Creative Life

The brain learns by repetition, repeat exposure, reminders. Often I’ve had insights arrive in my gray matter—sweet aha moments that soothe my worries and send waves of relief over my weary soul—only to just as soon forget those insights and find myself back in the mire of suffering, straining to recapture the relieving thoughts I once held firmly in my grasp. Thankfully over time I have learned to keep note of my insights (and others’) to revisit them as often as needed. This gives my brain opportunities to review and marinade in the sweet, sweet wisdoms of life.

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Make Bad Art & Take Up Space

YouTube has a knack for filling my feed with videos I’d love, and that’s how I found Shayna Klee. A recent vlog of hers entitled “Make bad Art & take up space – my story” dropped out of the ether and into my YouTube feed one night about two weeks back. It inspired me to do just what the title encourages: make bad art and take up space.

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Fast Heart Mart’s Vegan Faux-Cream Smoothie

This recipe is adapted from the original recipe invented by San Diego-based singer, songwriter, and banjo player Fast Heart Mart. One late evening at a pizza joint, I asked Fast Heart the question: “With such a picky diet, do you have anything you eat that really satisfies you?”

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